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SPI offers the latest in ground, & Marine/harsh environment thermal infrared FLIR IR cameras and night vision systems for all military, law enforcement and industrial applications

Thermal imaging and night vision gear for US Military, law enforcement and industrial application

Gyro Stabilized Thermal Cameras The latest in mounted Pan Tilt aerial infrared camera systems for UCAV UAV aircraft.
UAV/ UCAV Ultra-small, Ultra-lightweight thermal camera packages for todays high performance Unmanned Aerial Vehicle platforms.
Hand Held Solutions Handheld thermal imagers and helmet mount night vision systems.
A complete selection of ground base thermal infrared systems. Includes Hand Held Thermal Imagers, Mobile Pan & Tilt, Perimeter Pan & Tilt Infrared Cameras, Image intensified night vision goggles and thermal / night vision weapon targeting systems.
Harsh Environment No problem. We have solutions for ocean and inland waterway security
Mounted pan tilt systems provide complete 24/7/365 monitoring shipboard or shore side. Rugged handheld systems are also available.

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