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AN/PVS-7D Night Vision Goggles

Specifications << Night Vision Combat Midnight Movie I2 << PDF Data Sheet

Currently used in Iraq by United States War fighters, The A/N (Army / Navy) PVS-7 Head mounted starlight night vision goggles are a US Military spec unit. Designed for the rigors of combat this is the unit used in Desert Storm.

The PVS/7 is featherweight and mounts very comfortably on your head. The light weight significantly reduces operator fatigue compared to older heavier foreign models.
Image resolution is superb. The gen. 3 nightvision tube installed in the pvs 7 offers crystal clear super bright viewing. Auto gain control keeps you at the right level regardless of light sources in the field of view. The unit comes with a built in IR illuminator for map reading or close up work in zero ambient light situations.


The ir illuminator has a visual indicator in the goggles to prevent you from accidentally leaving it on and exposing your position. Packaged in a sturdy pelican type case, the PVS 7 goggles night vision system comes complete with operations manual, all accessories, and a solid warranty.  The PVS-7 night vision goggles are currently one of the best NV observation devices on the market Together with specially calculated objective lenses and eyepiece lenses, selected 3rd generation image tubes ensure excellent light amplification and image quality.


PVS7 shown with US Military helmet mount, with included headstrap and top view

Performance Parameters
Image intensifier Type
GA (Gallium Arsenide) 18mm U.S. Generation Three technology
64 lp/mm, 70 lp/mm typical
27mm Military hardened & coated optics; f/1.2 std.
Field of View (FOV)
40 degrees
iR illuminator user switchable + led internal indicator (included onboard)
Focus Range 6" to infinity
540 grams
Ergonomic Design
Hands free operation
Mounting Provisions:   Tripod mount, head mount, hand held
Operating Temperature
-40 to 160 degrees F nominal
Power Supply
2 AA batteries
Housing water, dust & weather proof / Purged
Standard Equipment
AN/PVS 7 night goggles with iR illuminator
Adjustable kevlar head strap & neck strap
Operator Manual
Durable Carry Case

PVS7 Series 3 position operation switch


AN/PVS-7B Night Vision Goggles (NVGs)
AN/PVS-7D Night Vision Goggles (NVGs)


PVS-7B Night Vision Goggles allow the user to see at night using moonlight or starlight. PVS-7Ds can be hand held, head-mounted, or helmet-mounted. The goggles have an IR illuminator for illumination or signaling. An indicator lets the user know when the IR light is on. A separate indicator signals low battery. Automatic shutoff occurs on high light, when goggle is detached from the head mount, or flipped up on the helmet mount.


Weight: 18 oz
Focus Range: 20 cm to Infinity
Range: 150 m (Starlight), 300 m (Moonlight)
Battery: (2) AA or (1) BA-5567/U
Battery Life: 4-6 hours
Magnification: 1X
Field of View: 40
Interpupilary Adjustment: 55 to 71 mm
PVS-7D and PVS-7B include head mount for hands free operation

How to Focus PVS-7 goggles

1. Set Up

Install batteries in PVS-7. Attach and adjust Head Mount or Helmet Mount. Attach PVS-7.

Stand behind 20-foot line.

Turn lights OFF. Turn PVS-7 ON. Turn IR illuminator ON.

2. Make the (4) PVS-7 goggle adjustments

Adjust Interpupilary Distance. Slide eyepieces closer or farther apart so that each eye views each lens as a perfect circle.

Adjust Eye Relief. On the head mount and the helmet mount, adjust PVS-7 as close to the eyes as is comfortable to acquire maximum field of view. Lens caps should cover eyes.

Adjust Objective Lens. Turn Objective Lens fully counterclockwise. Rotate Objective Lens clockwise until both vertical and horizontal charts are clearly in focus.

Adjust each Diopter Ring. Turn both Diopter Rings fully counterclockwise. Close right eye. Turn left Diopter Ring clockwise until image first becomes clear. Do not turn past this point. Repeat this for right eyepiece. Re-adjust Objective Lens.

3. Afterwards, when re-focusing for distance, adjust Objective Lens ONLY. Do NOT re-adjust Diopter Rings.


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