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Night Phantom Dual Tube Night Vision Goggles


The Night Phantom Dual Tube NVG set is our premier night vision goggle system. This rugged unit is a high performance lower cost alternative to overpriced ANVIS night vision goggles.


The Night Phantom night vision goggle system is a versatile, state of the art dual tube NVG system. The unit can be worn head mounted or helmet mounted to standard combat helmets. We also have an optional custom adapter for the new MICH communications helmet style.

Tubes Dual Tube American Generation 3 or Generation 2+ High Definition
Resolution 64 LP/mm Gen 3
Optics Coated high performance optics with adjustable focus from near to infinity
Headmount Fully Adjustable flip up/flip down mount
Power 3V
Dimensions Aprox. 4"x4"x2"
Weight Aprox. 1 pound
Illumination Laser IR illuminator with on/off switch and onscreen indicator
Options 3x optics for binocular operation.
Helmet mount (std. or MICH
Custom configurations Available



Call Us Today - 702-369-3966
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