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TIG Thermal Infrared Goggle System


Thermal infrared goggles and fusion digital imaging is the new military acquisition systems. Hands free IR command and control.

The TIG Thermal infrared goggle system is a state of the art FLIR system. Meeting DOD specs and battlefield applications, the TIG is a housed PVS-7 thermal goggle.

Imaging1 is proud to introduce the worlds first COTS thermal infrared imaging goggle. The thermal goggles offer an advantage over night vision goggles. The TIG thermal goggles can operate in daytime and in low on NO light conditions.

Hybrid Focal Plane Array technology coupled with coated milspec Germanium optics, hardened & rugged housing & supreme accuracy make the TIG7 the premier Thermal Imaging Goggle available.

The TIG7 Thermal imaging goggle can be used as a handsfree system. The TIG7 attaches
to the standard US military AN/PVS7 and AN/PVS14 helmet mounts or head mounts.
The system can also be used a a compact thermal infrared binocular viewer.

TIG7 installed on US Army helmet mount

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