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Featuring Raytheon BST detector technology, the 4000B and 4000M offer users a clear, crisp image. People, vehicles, boats and other objects easily stand out from their surrounding environment, making it easy to spot potential criminal activity in seconds.

TIG Thermal Infrared Goggle System

Thermal infrared goggles and fusion digital imaging is the new military acquisition systems. Hands free IR command and control.

Currently deployed in Iraq by US Military armed forces, The Digital IR 360 remote sensing thermal imaging PTZ FLIR payload represents the state of the art in rugged military grade WSTI, SRTI, MRTI & LRTI solutions.

NP Dual Tube Night Vision Goggles
The Night Phantom night vision goggle system is a versatile, state of the art dual tube NVG system. The unit can be worn head mounted or helmet mounted to standard combat helmets. We also have an optional custom adapter for the new MICH communications helmet style.

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